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With less than 24 hours until Hulaween, we sat down with Wreckno to talk about his year thus far. He tells us what we can expect from his Hulaween set, his favorite festival memories, and more, in this Electric Hawk Exclusive Interview. Spirit Lake is calling our name, and what better way to answer the call than with an icon like Wreckno? Our bussies are boppin’ and it’s not even Thursday yet.

Photo by @landbear

Selbe Dittman, Electric Hawk: Firstly, how are you? How are things in your world? 🙂 

Wreckno: I am good! I’m tired as all hell and don’t want to get on another plane for a solid 2 months but I AM HERE BABY. Stoked for Hula 🙂 

EH: You’ve had a massive 2021. What has been the biggest highlight of this year for you?

Wreckno x GRiZ @ The Intersection. Photo by @maxdashevsky

Wreckno: Gosh, I feel like there have been so many highlights. I’m gonna give you two! I’d say one big highlight was getting to perform live for Griz, Liquid Stranger, and Yheti. I’ve looked up to these artists for a long time and it’s surreal getting to share stages with them. Another was that our team established ourselves visually with multiple music videos. I’m very proud of them 🙂

EH: You just released a remix pack for your Pansy album, what was it like listening to other artist’s interpretation of your music? Do you have any favorites?

Wreckno: Ahhhhh it was soooo MF surreal! I’m so proud and grateful for each artist that contributed. Hearing other people’s interpretations of my tracks was astonishing. I loved every remix. The AHEE remix of “Hieroglyphs” has been going OFFF at shows too. Same with the Xotix/Milano remixes of “Freaknik,” and Sfam/Kizer remixes of “Honey Drip.” 

EH: The end of the remix pack features a special acoustic version of “Run Away” featuring Ruku. Can you tell us about the process of shooting the music video, and can we expect more acoustic music from you in the future?

Wreckno: Shooting the “Run Away” video with Ruku and the Eightfold Collective team in Detroit was AMAZING. I’d already worked with Eightfold on “Honey Drip” and “Hieroglyphs” — they really helped bring our team’s vision to life and then some. Initially, I just had the idea of recording Ruku and me performing it in a beautiful place. After talking with the director/my friend Jon Humphrey about the intent behind it, he and the Eightfold creative team took it to the next level. That video was a love letter to myself as well as many others that struggle with addiction. Definitely a project I hold close to my heart. It had a way of being like a bookend on this chapter of my life that I’ve spent years trying to cope with. I can’t say there will be a huge focus on acoustic music in the immediate future, but there will be a huge focus on the emotional side of music for sure. 

EH: What can the Hulaween crowd expect from your set this year?



EH: Are you staying at Hulaween all weekend? Who are you most excited to see? And, most importantly, can we expect any costumes from you at Hulaween?

Wreckno: I’ll be there Thursday and Friday. I think I’m most stoked for LSDREAM, Chris Lake, AND SKRILLLLEXXXXX!

EH: What is your favorite festival memory as a fan? What about your favorite festival memory as an artist? 

Wreckno: It’s prob not my favorite but one morning at Yonderville festival in 2019 I was up at 7 am with friends, lit AF, shooting the shit in a big field where we were camping. I saw this dog from far away and it was a Golden lab I believe…I just remember going “that dog has mad Sadie vibes. Her name gotta be Sadie.” And when the dog came over to us her collar said “Sadie” on it. I felt like a God. 

My favorite festi moment so far as an artist has to be just recently at Spring Awakening in Chicago. It down poured and the crowd stayed through it. Buncha moist bussy boppers.

EH: Well thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. Is there anything else you’d like to add before we wrap this up and see you at Hulaween?

Wreckno: I love the Electric Hawk team so much and can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve always shown me. ❤️

We here at Electric Hawk are stoked for Hulaween, and can’t wait to share our experience at the festival with you 🙂 Keep your eyes peeled to our Instagram for Hulaween updates, live sets, and other hawkling shenanigans all weekend long.

Feature banner image for this piece provied by Billy Weingar.

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