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Just when we thought we knew every side of the New Zealand-based duo, Truth, their latest album, Acceptance is here to prove us wrong. Out via their label, Deep, Dark, and Dangerous, Acceptance is their first studio album in four years, and it’s more than worth the wait. The album stays true to Truth’s deep 140 lifestyles while tying in delicate tones, rich basslines, and an unpredictable ominous feel throughout.

If you’ve been following along you’ll know we’ve been keeping tabs on this album since the very first single, Pages. The first two singles left expectations very high, and the full album did not disappoint.

Acceptance delivers a 13-track journey over to a side of Truth that’s fairly uncharted. An unfamiliar melodic undertone stays consistent throughout and is accompanied by deep, eerie, bone-chilling bass, as well as elegant keys and tranquil melodies. Tracks like “Unlearn,” “Transition,” and “You’ll See” offer more of a grimey take to their dreamlike foundation. Then there are tracks like “Sacred,” “Little Sadness,” and “Sleepwalk” that were basically made to play at sunrise, perfectly pairing the dark and light side of dub. The album closes with “Deja Vu,” the perfect decompression and summary of Acceptance, in just a short forty-five seconds Truth manages to ease out of the album effortlessly.

This album has left us speechless. We’re not sure how the boys of Truth never seem to miss. We advise you set aside 45 minutes of your day to fully indulge in this album, we promise you won’t regret it.

Stream Acceptance below!

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