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Jantsen solidifies the fact that dubstep and hip-hop vocals go together like first-degree murder, and that bitch Carole Baskin with a new release, “Got Dat.”

It’s no surprise that Jantsen fucks. I’ve personally been a big fan ever since his Post Human EP dropped 2 years ago. However, Jantsen has been in the scene for quite some time. He’s a long time collaborator of the king of the sound, Bassnectar. Moreover, he’s become a staple in the bass-music scene with some seriously slutty mixes. I mean, it is physically impossible to listen to Gutter Music 3 Pt. 2 without throwing that ass in a dodecahedron. But, before we get too carried away, let’s focus on the task at hand.

This time, Jantsen teams up with TVBOO. A DJ/producer from Jackson, Mississippi, and a good one at that. Working with artists like DMVU and sfam, it’s fair to assume he knows his way around a DAW. Not to mention, this guy is hilarious. Don’t let the funny-guy persona fool you though, his work is no laughing matter.

“Got Dat” is a dirty dubstep tune with heavy trap and experimental influences. Using synth leads and jungle-style drum fills, this track builds fast and drops into some seriously infectious bass-lines. Now I might be biased here seeing as I’m a whore for experimental bass music. However, in my opinion, this track really shines during the second drop. It seems like right when you’re confident and comfortable with the sound, these two surprise you with some of that delicious weird shit. I mean seriously, I’ve been looking for my pants for over an hour now. They’re just gone.

Stream “Got Dat” by Jantsen and TVBOO below, and support your favorite creatives:

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