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SAGZ and Vieira are chefin up an antidote for y’all. We heard from a reliable source that you were needing a hefty dosage of bass in your life. Well, look no further than this all-mighty “Elixir” that the boys have graciously provided us during these times of need. The two unorthodox bass producers once again continue their unconventional approach to insinuating madness on the beat.

Welcome to Chopped: Today is a ‘Wook Challenge’ featuring two of the hottest up and comers. In one corner, hailing from Chicago, we have the ever most talented SAGZ, known for adding a bit of zest to his bass platters. This Spicy Boi has been making a name for himself over the past year with his wobbly chunes. Joining SAGZ on today’s episode, is another unconventional chef, Vieira. The artist from New York, is turning heads with his robust production and hybrid beats. If you haven’t heard his latest mix, we HIGHLY recommend checking out HERE. Both SAGZ and Vieira have now latched onto the scene and are poised to make a major impact. The two coming together for this grand concoction is simply a Chef’s kiss.

As “Elixir” begins…

The track immediately sets off with an ominous feel, providing hair raising vocals that’ll send chills down your spine. The two begin to create their sinister landscape that is frightening but leaves you curious for more. Like the naive character in every horror movie, you are eager to continue into the dark basement despite all the eerie warnings.

At last, you have made it to the boiling caldron, where these two bass thumpers are whipping up something rude. As the beat begins to growl, your life flashes before you. One last chance to stop the madness. We’re left feeling like Ricky (see below), one sip of this song and you’re bound to want to dive in headfirst. Immerse yourself into the pure shenanigans and tell mom you’ll see her later.

The crunchy breakdowns will absolutely annihilate you. As you sip on this forbidden potion, prepare to be abducted into a realm of insanity. Synths that sound straight from Mars are twisted into a frenzy of chaotic noises splattered over a hot plate of bass. The duo once again proves their unique versatility to the bass genre adding their signature touches to this phat track. Stream the new tune below:

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Cover Art and Visuals by @visualvin_e

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