Bassnectar: Be Interactive, Beyond the Music

Whether you’re a fan of his music or not, there’s no denying the widespread outreach Bassnectar has initiated far beyond the music community with his nonprofit project, “Be Interactive.” The organization itself centers around the idea of “promoting engagement and community activism to raise awareness about important issues,” and inspiring others to want to join the cause and work together towards common good.

Be Interactive

The first project of Be Interactive was a collaboration with TWLOHA for National Suicide Prevention Day. We’re looking at you, forest family. Have you ever heard people say, “If a phone rings in the forest, answer it?” Well, in the video below, these Electric Forest attendees did just that… without the knowledge that Lorin, AKA Bassnectar himself, was on the other side of that call.

“That was so much more fun than playing a set. That was so much more fun than making music. People were wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and they were crying, and talking about suicide and losing their friends, just deep principles of life.”


Be Interactive has also teamed up and worked alongside many other organizations, including Conscious Alliance, a nonprofit to help end hunger in low income communities, and HeadCount, which promotes voter registration and participation. Be Interactive is “non-political, and motivated just by ideas, human values of kindness, and the causes and issues that makes a difference in the lives of real people,” and has made a positive influence through charity involving mental health, climate change, donations for people in need, the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

Over time, the volunteers of Be Interactive have collected over 5000 women’s healthcare products to be donated to homeless shelters and hurricane relief shelters, 10,518 pounds of food to be donated to food banks, and 16,547 health supplies donated to public schools. They have also funded educational courses like mindfulness classes in areas that have been affected by the severe opioid epidemic, as well as grants towards the Trans Wellness Center, GLSEN (an organization working to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ students), and art therapy for teen moms and hospital patients.

Bassnectar banned the use of plastic straws at his curated events beginning New Years Eve of 2017, and Be Interactive has helped combat climate change by raising money towards and volunteering at ethical, urban farms. At Bassnectar’s all-inclusive festival, Deja Voom, attendees and members of Be Interactive did a beach clean-up with a total of 560 pounds of trash gathered, and donated school supplies to the local children in Mexico.

Most recently, Be Interactive has funded a new high school science course to be taught on climate change, along with offering 2000 months of free therapy using $1 of each ticket sale from Basscenter XII. Having been recently doubled, their team has set a current goal of $360,000 worth of free therapy through 2020.

To find out more or get involved, visit We hope to see other artists following Bassnectar’s lead!

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