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All the way from the great north (Green Bay, WI) spicy boi Brock Muellner, better known by his stage name UNKNWN, has been getting ready for this apocalypse LTE since birth. Soothing our ears with his unique style of low and slow bass meditations; UNKNWN has a bevy of fat chunes on the likes of Euphoric, TheUNTZ, and now Electric Hawk Records. We wouldn’t call Regime Change fire. Capper no capping, but this EP is a collection of aural relics that will reset your mind to a time before Prometheus. If you have diapers within arms reach, we’d suggest you slap em on before pressing play.

This EP symbolizes changes in life, power and nature. Sitting on the deeper realm of dubstep, each track has a story of its own. “The Snake” is inspired by nature’s constant shift between life and death. “Regime Change” represents a sudden and forceful change of power. “Cernunnos” is named after the Celtic god of the forest, plants and fertility, representing the changing cycle of nature. Finally, “The Morrigan” is also named after a Celtic deity, and represents our desire to fight change, and the idea that we are destined to change.


Only four songs but a full journey, this ep had us sweating the moment we pressed play. The title track “Regime Change” is melodic honey. Hypnotic and groovy in a way that has us doing a shimmy just thinking about it. “The Snake” and “Cernunnos” are slimy and grimy. Like being a child and accidentally dropping your gumball on the ground only to throw it back in your mouth when nobody was looking. You got ringworm on your tongue and have to miss soccer camp but it’s worth it. Closing with “The Morrigan“, a track that sounds like it was dug up in Gehenna. Haunted, mysterious, and slutty as hell. Before you realize it’s over, time has slipped and you’re completely naked.

*Slaps the hood of the Electric Hawk HQ Communal Beats Pill* This bad boy made us sh*t ourselves

Regime Change is an EP for the intellectual. It’s an EP for a new world. Listening to this EP while you sleep builds new neural pathways… and makes your beak longer (but you didn’t hear it from us). Look Bernie’s out, the world is still on pause for the foreseeable future, and our favorite nest just got took over by some jackass falcons. Great new music is more important than ever, and UNKNWN served it for us straight from the abyss. Stream it below:

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