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Jansten is back with Gutter Music 3: Part 2. Jansten has been releasing these mixes independently, with no label or corporate support, making them extra special for fans.

Gutter Music first started being released in 2007 (find the first-ever mix here) and has blown up ever since then. Gutter Mixes come about only every so often, making them highly anticipated by fans.

Gutter Music 3 Part 2 starts out with a dialogue snippet before quickly fading into a hynotising vocal intro. This mix features some of our all-time favorite tracks, taking us through an incredible dubstep inspired journey. Clocking in at just under 35 minutes, Gutter Music 2, Part 2 is exactly the Halloween gift we needed.

He’s finally getting the credit he’s long-deserved from the community, from iconic remixes with the don Bassnectar and others, to absolutely destroying every stage he graces, you will not want to miss him when he comes to your city. Luckily, you can see when he does come to play a set near you here.

Listen to ‘Jansten’s Gutter Music 3 Part 2’ below.

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