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In a match made in bass heaven, Jantsen and Mersiv join forces on a mind-melting single, “Get Crazy.” A bass music bomb thats name fits the description. Fasten your seatbelts kids–this one gets bumpy.

Jantsen Mersiv Get Crazy

Death, taxes, Jantsen dropping hot fire.

In life, we have constants. Things we can guarantee without question. In our world, whenever we get word of new Jantsen, we can guarantee that it’s going to be good music. However, when adding fellow WAKAAN artists to the mix, we can expect next-level sound.

When we first heard about a Jantsen x Mersiv collaboration, our collective pants were ripped off and tossed into another dimension. The grass got greener. The waters, now crystal clear, were cleansed of pollution. CO2 emissions recorded an all-time low. Myself, and the rest of the birds, started singing again. We’ve learned how to kickflip. Nature is finally healing.

Sicc Shreds Bro

Typically, I prefer to include a short bio on the artists I’m writing about to give the reader a bit of background info. Let’s be honest though y’all, if you’re just now hearing about Jantsen, it’s time to leave the rock, Patrick. This guy has been shredding decks, breaking necks, and cashing checks for over a decade now. He’s worked closely with our Lord and savior, Lorin Ashton, on some of your favorite tracks. As well as compiled a stunning array of mixes, via Soundcloud, that stay in rotation.

Mersiv, on the other hand, might be a bit lesser-known–but he deserves all the recognition. The Mersiv Sound Project is the brainchild of Anderson Benoit Gallegos. Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, Anderson is a DJ/Producer thats sound can only be described as beautiful, and filthy. He is an absolute powerhouse on the WAKAAN team. His career began in 2015, exploded in 2018, and it’s been all gas, no brakes, ever since.

“Get Crazy” is a loud, aptly named, trap and dubstep hybrid.

The wobbly, rhythm-inducing intro, glides into a chopped up vocal sample with heavy foreshadowing. The drop is loud, fun, and exactly what I would imagine from a song made by these two. If you get blessed by the dub Gods and get the chance to hear this song live, expect to experience a game of Simon Says. Their chemistry shines on this track is compelling. They both occupy the same space when it comes to that classic dubstep sound, with their own personalized flavor. And these two together? Peanut butter and jelly.

Stream “Get Crazy” by Jantsen and Mersiv below and support your favorite creatives. Out now on WAKAAN!

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