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Saka reveals his new single “Stasis,” on the Powered by Inspected – Series 2 EP, curated by the Inspected collective. “Stasis” is his first 2021 release, following the explosive ascent he experienced in 2020. He joins other artists including Ankou and Trinist on this compilation EP. This addictive track has us craving to hear more of what Saka has in store in the upcoming months.

Saka announced as one of the artists on Inspected’s Powered by Inspected – Series 2 EP.

Saka made massive waves last year, from diverse singles to an EP with incredible depth. He collaborated with artists such as NVCTVE to create “BANE,” and capped off 2020 with SISKA on “FOXFIRE.” He entered a new spotlight when collaboration “Killjoy” with EAZYBAKED and MOLOKAI was released on Subtronics’ fresh new label, Cyclops Recordings. Saka also participated in several livestreams, including the final installment in Electric Hawks’ very own Harmony virtual music festival.

Saka has a talent that goes deeper than just his production abilities. He has an affinity for effectively fusing his imagery and visions with his music to tell stories. Released through Bassrush, Saka’s Slipstream EP describes the interdimensional survival story of Mina; the character was thrown across dimensions and is captured by a man who wishes to harness the ‘Esper’ factor. On his website, Saka pairs each song with a different part of Mina’s tale.

Saka announces the release of the Slipstream EP, dropped via Bassrush. Art by Alisa Ras.

“Statis” shows Saka shining in the new year

“Stasis” is yet another example of Saka’s imagination and gift for imagery prevailing in his production. This track starts off emulating a siren song in the mist. He pairs distant wind chimes with ethereal vocalizations, creating an alluring and mysterious atmosphere.

When I wrote [“Stasis”], I was thinking about Aang busting through the ice in “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” when he awakens.

– Saka

“Statis” suddenly drops into something almost playful, like a sudden, yet joyous discovery. Saka introduces bouncy synths over scratching samples and a smooth bassline; it creates a sense of wonder, like finding a high-spirited airbender in an iceberg that only wants to go penguin sledding. The second half of “Stasis” takes on a more serious tone, and illustrates that there’s something more to this lively, unexpected discovery – a secret that weighs on the heart.

Saka has shown proficiency in producing a variety of genres, but every song is so distinctly his style. His imagination permeates through sound, sharing his internal vision with every listener. His sound design is unmatched, and he expertly pairs samples in his tracks a five-star chef. It just always… sounds like Saka.

“Stasis,” the new Saka single, is out on Powered by Inspected – Series 2 at this time

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