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Electric Hawk is excited to premiere a new track from Saka‘s forthcoming EP on Bassrush. The track entitled “Esper” is an adrenaline rush from start to finish. “Esper” was born of Saka’s experimentation with acid-inspired synths.

Using these clever acid synths paired with exhilarating baselines, Saka transports the listener into an “apocalyptic cyberpunk” world. “Esper” tells a story of a girl who is ripped from her timeline and pulled into this dystopian world.

“She is trying to escape a laboratory, from her captors.”

Saka has a talent for balancing beauty with the ecstatic nature of halftime. This track is an expert level mastery of exactly this. The track feels intense, yet crisp and smooth, like the first chew into a stick of five-layer gum. Stimulating all the senses.

If you have been paying attention to the underground at all or have a tuned ear for complex bass music and halftime, then you have likely already heard the name Saka pop-up a few times. If you have not, then you likely will soon. The man has been making moves and steadily releasing an incredible catalog of beats and melodies that are both exquisite and heavy.

saka esper
Saka (Credit: Natalie Goldstein)

Check out the second track off Saka’s forthcoming EP, and keep an eye out for his full project out September 4th on Bassrush Records.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Esper” by Saka below!

Keep up with Saka here:
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