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Featured image: “Gaza” cover art by asmu.

SISKA lures listeners into the desert with his latest single, “Gaza,” dropping on January 29. Based in Baltimore, SISKA primarily produces halftime and leftfield bass with a few of his own twists. He incorporates characteristics of drum and bass in some tracks as well as elements of Eastern music in others; “Gaza” is no different, and shows how much SISKA has grown.

SISKA emerged onto the scene in 2019, experimenting with neurohop in his first releases. He soon transitioned to darker production with his following halftime releases. Alongside his own releases, the year 2020 was packed with collaborations for SISKA. He dropped songs with Molokai and skewbs; SISKA also worked with Josh Teed on “Sidewinder,” which premiered with the FUXWITHIT blog as part of Josh Teed’s Emergent album. SISKA capped off 2020 with a collaboration with Saka, “Foxfire.” And now, he rings in 2021 with “Gaza,” a work entirely of his own.

SISKA teases “Gaza” release on Twitter. Artwork by asmu, video by NIK P.

“Gaza” invokes the tension of being lost in the desert.

SISKA begins the song with mysterious droning accompanied by several different staccato drums; a vocal sample introduces the build-up that releases into a very brief, tension-inducing pause. SISKA incorporates Middle Eastern instruments that underscore the gritty bass overtones. He creates a post-apocalyptic desert environment in the first portion of “Gaza.”

This first intense stanza devolves into almost paranoid loneliness. The echoes and reverbs SISKA implements invoke imagery of being lost, and it’s getting dark. The second stanza perpetuates these feelings, but with a driving determination. Here, “Gaza” inspires the endless vastness of being one person in a sea of sand and a desire to survive. SISKA uses forlorn vocals and twinkling piano close out this track to illustrate pushing onward and walking into the desert sunset.

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