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vide shows off a swath of production abilities with the unveiling of his rain EP. This member of the Lost Dogz collective diversifies his sound constantly; rain is no different. Here, vide combines his vast musical talents with emotional vulnerability and yields an addictive, relatable body of work.

rain is a sonic representation that the sun will shine again. It was inspired by a dark time in my life that took place during pre-covid 2020 into that summer. Sometimes, things seem really bleak and like it’d be much easier to give up. However, it is much more rewarding to keep going through the storm.”

– vide

Track 1: “rituals”

vide introduces the rain EP with “rituals;” this track begins with pulsing chords over a cleverly muffled drum track. Quavering tones increase in pitch and build tension leading up to the drop. This leaves the listener feeling like they’re slowly stumbling upon an unknown witchy ritual. Then, upon discovery, squelching bass pulls the listener into this scene. At first, vide produces his classic experimental, wonky sound. A transition in the middle of the song takes it in an entirely different direction. The second stanza of “rituals” is driving and smooth, combining elements of his modern sound with the feel of older styles of breakbeat. The track slowly and seamlessly fades, but also gives attentive listeners a small taste of what is to come.

Track 2: “rain”

Following “rituals” is the unexpectedly groovy “rain.” vide suddenly brings his take on house into this EP, and it’s smooth. The first half of “rain” pulls on some of the elements from “rituals,” masterfully creating a link between two distinctly different tracks. The intro drops into an infectious melody composed of grumbling bass and retro-styled synthesizers. Halfway through, “rain” immediately transitions into a form of downtempo. This stanza is slightly psychedelic but incredibly peaceful as quiet vibraphone chords wash over the listener. Growing synthesizers and twinkling tones inspire introspection, like watching a gentle afternoon rain through the window. vide also utilizes grumbling bass frequencies to express pain in this stanza – a stark change to the elated mood of the first half of “rain.” The jump from joy to melancholy is something many people experience when working through complex emotions.

Track 3: “reflection w/ saka

“reflection” is the powerful, long-awaited collaboration between vide and Saka. The incredible synergy between their distinct styles is obviously apparent from the introduction. Saka incorporates distant ghostly twinkling with the celestial synths and hi-hat rhythm. Meanwhile, vide hints at his own guitar riff. Then, the song drops with growling, pulsing bass frequencies laced with these haunting synths and graceful guitar. “reflections” imitates seeking clarity through anger using these contrasting characteristics in the track. Frustration crests and falls like the gritty, intense melody. The first stanza ends with a sad sense of calm emanated by the melancholy synths.

Following this is deep, reverbed twanging that introduces a second stanza. It serves as a reminder of the remnants of anger resurfacing while searching for peace and transparency. vide and Saka undoubtedly mix their sounds seamlessly; together, they created a unique track that impeccably meshes their styles and adds more color to this variegated EP.

Track 4: “ruins”

“ruins” gently begins like the first glimmer of a star’s light in the night sky. Glowing synthesizers underline a twinkling tone before a rumbling bass frequency enters, setting the meditative mood. These bass frequencies leave only to rejoin the track later; it really feels as if “ruins” emanates curiously, but carefully, exploring stages of growth and acceptance. High-pitched synths are paired with lower, gritty melodies, matching the internal battle of growth through pain. vide illustrates imagery of moonlight glinting off the ocean in “ruins.” He clearly creates an audio representation of seeking peace in the darkness.

Through a vast array of genres, vide shares a story of emotional turbulence and growth in dark, uncertain times. The rain EP is an impeccable body of work from vide, showing the evolution of his production talents and his ear for compositional artistry.

Listen to the entire rain EP below, out now on all platforms!

Cover art for the rain EP by Max Schramp (website).

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