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MIZE mixtapes are the glue holding us together. From the all original downtempo Comfort Colors mix, to the Thought Process and REFRACTIONS mixtapes.. and you can’t forget the final boss DNB set during our Harmony virtual music festival.

Now, not only is MIZE sitting on the next (and rumored to be his best) mixtape, but he’s curated an entire livestream experience to go along with it, Flowstate.

This one is inspired by old school Blackmill, Mitis, Seven Lions, and Subscape, and he’s recruited one hell of a lineup for it 😳

Flowstate Livestream Experience
Flowstate Livestream Experience Lineup Flyer

This Friday, February 19, bear the cold weather indoors – we’ll provide the heat. Starting at 7 PM CST, we’ll be hosting Saka, Mindset, Vide, MIZE, and Super Future to cap it off. When the lineup is starting with Saka, you know things are going to be good.

It wouldn’t be a MIZE mix without DATA_BYTE, too. Name a better duo, I’ll wait.

Also joining the VJ roster will be the best in the biz, Joseph Allen and ONEIROGAN. Between the music and the visuals, this A/V experience is one you really won’t want to miss.

RSVP for Flowstate here

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