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Hennessey (the speakers… and maybe the drink) and Funktion 1’s, two Liquid Stranger sets, and an entire medieval village to traverse. It seems like Kosmic Kingdom 2021 looks and smells a lot like Midwest Middelands and we haven’t even gone through security yet. Sleepy Hollow Renaissance Park in Des Moines, Iowa is boasting a sparkling lineup containing certified headliners such as Liquid Stranger, LSDREAM, and Rusko.

Additionally, the promoter gods have graced us with a Spicy Bois Takeover featuring Meso, Mlotik, and Molokai. If there was ever a time the world needed Sriracha Man to make an appearance, it would be here.

As the 2021 festival season shifts into 6th gear, the true strength of a festival is derived from its undercard, and Kosmic Kingdom earned a ton of bonus points in this part of the test.

The blooming sounds and synths that Au5 brings to the mixing table are simply unmatched. The super bass titan by the name of Jantsen will surely give all his fellow “White Tee” shirt-wearing enthusiasts a reason to get crazy. We already know that Tsuruda will bring us that ‘lil bump bump slap and a reason to learn how to twerk before August. Yheti most likely will find another way to break the speed of sound in the wet, humid Des Moines air.

I mean, we can keep going.

Khiva and Huxley Anne will be out there representing AND stunting for the ladies. These chicks both put on a show that cannot be missed. If you like all things Deep, Dark & Dangerous; Khiva and Huxley Anne can quench that thirst.

Ever shotgunned a PBR while reminiscing on all those wonderful and grand times you had at Lost Lands? Put one finger down if you have ever tried to perform the sacred dance called the “Wook Worm.” Oh, you haven’t? Well, there is this guy named TVBOO that we confidently think you should meet.

The hidden gems in this lineup actually stem from the under UNDER card. Angelic Root, Space Wizard, smith., CANNABLISS, Levity. The underground is shouting and cheering from the rooftops that these artists will be playing. Is that fireworks shooting off in the background? We should probably check that out.

So, remember to arrive to Kosmic Kingdom 2021 early for the undercard. Please stay hydrated and treat the people around you with respect. But, most importantly, have a grand ol’ time (and send us videos of Rusko dancing in his socks)!

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