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This sound demon demonstrates his classically trained brain and advanced knowledge of music to create a killer EP. The fifthy full-length release from Tsuruda, GOLDIES BEATS, is absolutely phenomenal. Literally. Every track is a new phenomenon, a new eureka moment to be had. Fool’s Gold Records has managed to help him release 9 minutes and 33 seconds of… well pure gold.

It’s quite a bit less hip-hop than his last release from this year, Siege. This album’s genre is fairly contained even, compared to the massive range that Siege had. But this by no means is an indicator that GOLDIES BEATS isn’t entirely unique. Each song is fresh and so distinctive and yes seamlessly flows between each other. This four-track EP comes directly for the neck and at a different angle each time.

Let’s break GOLDIES BEATS down because Tsuruda is a mastermind.

‘Show Off’

The first song here makes you want to get so low you really show it all off. On top of this, the progression of this song surpasses expectations. Starting off as something you want to throw it back to only to shift into… an entirely new beast itself.

‘Running Shit’

This song seems to toe the line of drum and bass. Tsuruda laughs in the face of danger as he dances in and out of the “boundaries” of a drum-heavy tune. The ambient notes at the end of the song are almost hunger-inducing.

‘Bump Bump Slap’

Listening to this song feels like floating on sound waves. This song does the same switch up mid track that ‘Show Off’ does but in reverse. Taming the raging beast, even if for only a moment….

‘Copout Dub’

This best track on the album objectively. Maybe subjectively, but boy is it hard to be subjective with music this good. This song is it’s good in an indescribable way. My whole job as a writer is to tell you why you should be listening to something and here I am with the best thing on the album unable to do that. Its immaculate production is a perfect end to a jaw-dropping EP.

Chee mentioned “timeless beats” in reference to this EP and we have to agree. There will always be songs that blow up, end up everywhere until everyone is sick of it, but to create a tune that lasts, that is sustainable to its listeners is a difficult task. GOLDIES BEATS sounds like it will stand the test of time, enduring future waves of music. And with whispers of more to come from Tsuruda in July we are basically salivating.

Listen to GOLDIES BEATS by Tsuruda in full below!

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