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Some things are impossible to do, like sneezing with your eyes open, licking your elbow, or listening to a Levity song without smiling. The boys are back and have put their classic twist on yet another track. This time it’s 2 Man Embassy and Silent Child’s “Here.” The track is part of the FLEECE compilation from Found/Red Records. The comp is full of intimate, warm vibes that set the tone for the holiday season.

To say the Electric Hawk team are Levity stans is an understatement. The young Iowa City duo continues to gain momentum in the scene. Most recently doing an official remix of “Little Things” from Louis The Child. Always striving to make music that’ll bring listeners happiness, their “Here” remix follows suit.

Levity really said:

Levity said:

A Levity remix always hits like drinking a glass of ice water while you’re chewing mint gum. You only have to get a few seconds in before you recognize the Levity signature style. An airy atmosphere met with bouncy beats and the capitalization of the original catchy vocals. This remix gives us all the future bass feels that are everyone’s secret guilty pleasure. Those I can’t decide if I want to cry or dance, so imma do both type beats. It’s safe to say the boys added just the right sugar, spice, and synth to make this b*tch pop.

Listen to “Here” right here

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