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Is there anything Khiva can’t do? Obviously not, as she unveils yet another refined style with “Swampmonster.” Differing from her typical 140 ground-shaking sound, this track features an intoxicating hip-hop flow with a low-end foundation to compliment. Following her release, Electric Hawk caught up with the ‘Swampmonster’ herself for an exclusive interview.

Here’s a story about a girl from the swamp…

Corie Odom (Electric Hawk): So, for anyone who may not know, describe who Khiva is?
Khiva: Khiva is a music producer, vocalist, DJ, and astral traveler currently passenger aboard spaceship earth.

CO: How did Khiva start? What were your first inspirations for making music and wanting to pursue this full-time?
Khiva: After many moons of tinkering in notebooks and daws, Khiva was born out of a small patch of mud somewhere in Eastern Europe. True love for music and sonic articulation that only grew louder since childhood. One day yelled straight into my face told me this was my path.

CO: What made you decide Deep, Dark, and Dangerous was the right label for you to join in the beginning?
Khiva: It was truly a no-brainer. Truth was one of the first electronic artists I ever heard that really “clicked” to me. The DDD sound is incredibly unique yet all-encompassing, and of course, holds that darkness I hadn’t heard anywhere else.

CO: Your newest single, “Swampmonster,” features your very own unique lyrics, revisiting the style we saw on Life In the Midst of Decay. Is this single the start of a line of releases? Maybe leading to an EP or album?
Khiva: Yes! “Swampmonster” is part of a body of work that, at this point, feels to be my most “important” thus far in terms of my artistic development and expression. It is an album, but I do not know when or where it will surface. I only know that I very much look forward to sharing it, and hopefully, that day is not too far, as I already have so much new music that I can’t wait to release. All in good time!

The thought of more tracks like “Swampmonster” has us giddy. Deep dub and hip-hop are such an under-appreciated power couple. Khiva showcased their chemistry here, cooking up something so smooth yet deep and catchy. The moment we pressed play, we were already wishing we knew all the words and could sing along. Watch out Meg thee Stallion because Khiva thee Swampmonster is giving your hot girl summer anthem a run for its money.

CO: What inspired you first to start using your own vocals on your tracks?
Khiva: My own songwriting and vocal expression, as well as lyrics, have truly always been the lifeblood of my projects, whether they make it into the final track or not. For me, it’s been more of a “when you’re ready, it will be ready.” My very first tracks all had vocals, but I wasn’t mature enough in my craft for them to come through yet. Always learning, always growing.

CO: What came first, the track name for “Swampmonster” or the track itself?
Khiva: The track! I had my first version of the instrumental laid out for a little bit before I heard the “hook” (in my mind) one day when I re-opened the project. So I wrote that down and then built the rest around that.

CO: What are a few things you missed most about playing shows and festivals this past year?
Khiva: The amazing people, being able to let loose, performing, airports, hotels haha, all of it! The energy between myself and the crowd.

CO: Now that lineups and tour dates are dropping left and right, what are some goal festivals or venues you really want to play?
Khiva: That’s a tough one. I feel like there are so many amazing fests and clubs, but I’m really looking forward to playing some events that are musically diverse and, of course, with the A-class sound required. I love clubs, but I’m very much looking forward to outdoor festivals and playing in the open air, day or night.

CO: Tell us more about what all you have going down on your Patreon account
Khiva: My Patreon so far is really a place that those who want perhaps more a personal or behind-the-scenes view or vibe of the inner workings of ‘The Dark Dream’ or myself can have a window and also interact. I like to think of it as a secret club. I am planning many more secret club activities. It’s been really fun for me. I know it will only get better once more ‘live’ things are happening too.

Check out Khiva’s Patreon here

CO: If you had to guess, what would be your most played song/artist this past year?
Khiva: I’ve got my ‘faves’ on eternal repeat, but over the last few months, I’ve listened to A Perfect Circle and Goo Goo Dolls A LOT, haha

CO: Can you give us some insight on what we can expect to see from Khiva in 2021?
Khiva: A lot more of the real me, I suppose. A lot of things have been maturing in the shadows for quite some time. And if you catch me at a live performance, I’ll probably bend over backward and swallow a sword or some shit. A few cartwheels while on fire, stuff like that

Swampmonster, big boss, she sharpens her claws.

The big badass girl boss Khiva is sharpening her claws and preparing to tear into 2021. Leaving us with the final comment to “stay locked,” holding the promise of big things coming. “Swampmonster” has drawn us in and left us at the edge of a cliff waiting on Khiva’s next move.

Check out “Swampmonster” below!

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