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March 3rd marks a special day in electronic music. 3 years ago today, Sam Diament—who we all knew as the trap artist Brillz, launched us into his world of space bass via his new WAKAAN alias, LSDREAM. From that point on, LSDREAM has grown to be one of the most prominent in the bass music scene.

He took to Instagram today, after a break, to share gratitude and celebrate 3 years of LSDREAM. He may or may not have also given hints at an announcement coming… tomorrow!?!

LSDREAM’s energy oozes through his music and into each and every one of us.

The visionary producer, who has “a spiritual being having a human experience” in all of his bios, is intentional as can be with his music. Consciously putting out good, healing energy and taking listeners on transcendental journies, LSDREAM has created something quite beautiful. I know I am personally eternally grateful for the R.A.V.E. CAVE livestreams and LIGHTCODE meditations that he put on throughout quarantine. And, of course, he knows how to get an IRL crowd going with his infectious bass production. I think I can easily say we all are looking forward to experiencing that again, soon!

Here’s to 3 years of LSDREAM and to his upcoming announcement! Celebrate with us by streaming his discography, below!

Featured photo by ND.

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