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Intrinzic Music hosts a massively stacked EP of epic proportions dropping June 18th, and the Electric Hawk team is thrilled to be a part of it. This Chrizpy Chriz x Mythm Phantom EP is illusionary art. With uniquely intensifying remixes featuring Ankou and Chad Dubz, this EP unveils a twist on bass music we haven’t seen before. Intrinzic Music is known for their focus on working with producers to create works of art. It’s safe to say they did just that with the Phantom EP.

Intrinzic Music Presents ‘Phantom’ EP; graphic by Edgar Medalla.

The Art Behind the Music

The Phantom EP is a work of art in itself and breaks down barriers we have yet to see in the bass community. The combination of Chrizpy Chriz’s industrial yet vibe-induced sound, and Mythm’s step out of conventional speed leaves us breathless. The first of the two original tracks, “Phantom,” exemplifies just how much attention to detail the two artists portray. This powerful track is illuminating and bass-heavy. The second of the two originals, “Droid” takes us on a journey through futuristic bass. The taps and snares in this track make us feel as if we’re time traveling to another dimension.

The two remixes are just the cherry on the top of an incredible EP. The first remix and third track off the EP is by Poland’s very own Ankou. Ankou has paved his way into the bass community with his experimental sounds and creative flow. Ankou takes an upbeat approach to “Phantom” and cranks up the heat. The second remix and final track off the EP throws in a sprinkle of DnB spice! Bristol’s Chad Dubz throws in some of his old-school UK-style dub and some extra flava on “Droid”. It is very evident these artists have a unique sense of direction that separates them from the rest of the scene.

As for Intrinzic’s creative direction alongside the artists, they have put together a limited edition run of 12″ Vinyl which includes slipmats and NFT’s for the first 10 orders! A very unique way to provide a tangible piece of this memorable EP.

Prepare your ears and listen to the ‘Phantom’ EP below!

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