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The effervescent Khiva paints a vivid dreamscape with her new EP, Phantom Forces. Her lyrical stylings and bass-driven production affirm that she’s evolving from a 140 producer to much more.

As one of the most influential women in the bass scene, Khiva is the real deal. From rapping and songwriting to producing, she’s a jack of all trades! Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, her live vocal performances and vehement beats have taken the world by storm. Khiva’s signature sound evokes emotion while getting down and dirty. This made TRUTH’s Deep Dark and Dangerous the perfect label to call home. In The Quiet was her first EP release on DDD back in 2017, and since then, it’s evident that her craft has progressed. Khiva’s beginning to push boundaries with this new romantic collection of haunting lyrics and otherworldly basslines. Now, let’s dive into it!

Khiva press shot for Phantom Forces EP release
Photo by: Nat

The Phantom Forces EP comprises five distinct tracks that will leave you breathless.

Be that as it may, the voyage begins with “Poetic Violence. An elegant but eerie prelude suddenly lifts you and carries you away—the delicate vocals overlapping Khiva’s trademark bass form a soothing ballad brimming with tenderness. On the other hand, “Misplaced Apathy” reiterates her queen status in producing hard-hitting beats.

“Now that the lens is polished, I’m magnifying the mood!”

Khiva. “Misplaced Apathy.”

Her effortless flow makes it impossible not to bounce along. Her noteworthy line: “now that the lens is polished / I’m magnifying the mood,” paired with a classic 140 growl, makes this track sublime. It’s a treat whenever Khiva raps on stage, and I can’t wait to hear this one live. “Float” is another perfect example of how she blends genres. It’s so easy to get lost in her alluring vocals and cruise along the ups and downs of the twisted tempo. Sensuality, bizarre accents, and a rumbling cadence all rolled into one unique tune.

Khiva’s emotionally fueled production is divine, and the lovingness is palpable.

Khiva's Phantom Forces EP artwork

Next, “Roulette” is where the singing, rapping and bouncing bass all collide. Lush lyrics lead the melody through the ebb and flow of heavy knocks until the momentum hastens to signal for takeoff. Then Khiva’s fluid rhymes over the quivering bassline jet the song to another level. In addition, the EP also comes with an instrumental version of this track! Lastly, we end the compilation with “Sign,which embodies a heavenly aura as if a beautiful siren is singing you a lullaby. This one is short and sweet; prepare to drift off and away with her hypnotizing vocalization.

The Khiva train is not stopping any time soon; after all, she’s performed sets at the esteemed Electric Forest and Shambhala, plus has recently announced a headlining two-night run in Colorado. Now is the time to support the badass women in our industry more than ever, especially the ones who continuously deliver fresh music. Overall, Khiva seriously outdid herself with the Phantom Forces EP; now stream it, or else! Xo

Click here to listen to the Phantom Forces EP by Khiva!

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