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The Debbie of Dubplates’ debut EP is here. NotLö (real name Alex, not Debbie) is a huge upcoming name in the bass scene, with recent releases on Gravitas Recordings, Wakaan, and yours truly, Electric Hawk. And now, NotLö’s debut EP entitled Speakeasy is out on all platforms via Deep Dark and Dangerous.

Being the producer’s most cohesive work yet, the EP consists of five deep dub tracks that take us through the darkest depths of bass music.

The namesake of the album “Speakeasy” kicks us off with its low and growling bass. An eerie bridge gives us a reprieve from the deep bass before dropping back into a reverberating bassline. Then, keeping the theme of eerie and distorted soundscapes, the second track “Remainder” leans into the speakeasy feel with its distorted piano paired perfectly with punchy bass. By the time these first tracks are over, we are deep in NotLö’s underground speakeasy world.

“After Hours” is easily the swankiest track on the EP with its smooth, deep, and seductive soundscape. Full of deep bass punches connected with airy yet distant vocals, this track has us floating through a fathomless soundscape. Then, “Limits” pushes us to new heights with a track that constantly feeds us more and more bass as the song progresses. It’s the antithesis to the previous track on the EP, therefore keeping us on the edge of our seats through the entire listen. Lastly, “Screening” rounds out the EP with its striking, oscillating bass. A fleeting yet captivating vocal draws us deeper into the depths of the underground jazzy vibe that NotLö has so perfectly curated in this collection of work.

I want listeners to feel as if they were taken to an underground jazzy club. I’m always reaching for something unique in my work and I loved being able to sample jazz instruments and incorporate them throughout my dark & low sounds.


All in all, there’s nothing that sums up the producer’s talent better than this EP. It’s cohesive, beautifully dark, and paints the exact story NotLö wanted it to. On top of this EP, NotLö also announced her first-ever Bonnaroo set coming this year, so it’s easy to say that 2021 is shaping up to be the producer’s biggest year yet.

Listen to NotLö’s Speakeasy EP here:

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