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If you’re anything like us, you’re counting down the days till we return to Hummingbird Ranch for Sonic Bloom 2022. Of course, one way to make the time move a bit faster is familiarizing yourself with the 2022 lineup and figuring out whose sets you’ll be catching. So we decided to lend you a hand and gather a list of some insane talent playing Bloom this year. Oh yeah, and the best part of it all, they are all bad a** ladies.

A Hundred Drums

Photo from Nwest Media

In this nest, we stan A Hundred Drums. Known mostly for her deep chest-pounding rhythm and powerful live performances A Hundred Drums is dominating the scene right now. Her set will not be one to miss!

Listen here:

dela Moon

Photo from John Verway

Moontribe Collective organizer dela Moon has been making waves in the underground scene for many years. So prepare yourselves for a range of DnB, deep bass, and techno to shine through at her Sonic Bloom set.

Listen here:


Photo from holydripp

We’ve had HoneyBee on our radar for a while, and it’s time you put her on yours as well. Her eccentric and experimental sound brings a unique energy to her live sets that’ll instantly have you hooked.

Listen here:

Huxley Anne

Huxley Anne’s sound knows no bounds. Featuring elements of hip hop, jazz, heavy bass, ambiance, and experimental beats, you’ll never be sure which direction she’s going. However, her one-of-a-kind style makes her a must-see of the weekend.

Listen here:


Photo from Sarah Northrop

Everything Khiva touches turns to gold. Her sound balances perfectly between fierce deep bass and emotional, ethereal soundscapes. Catch her set to get in touch with your inner bad b*tch goddess.

Listen here:

Megan Hamilton

Photo from twenty2 Photography

Who doesn’t love a little funk-infused bass? Megan Hamilton consistently delivers a colorful sound painted perfectly with her hypnotic bass, funky riffs, and house grooves. If you’re looking for a fun dance party, this is where you’ll want to be.

Listen here:

Lunar Fire

Lunar Fire is a group of Tribal Cirque aerialists, acrobats, and fire spinners who dance to a live band of electronic world music, dance rock, and Latin hip hop fronted by powerful female vocalists. What’s better than a stage filled with powerful and talented women?

Listen here:


Mermix is an up-and-coming beat blender from Denver, Colorado. Pulling sounds from around the world and effortlessly meshing them with various trap, hip-hop, and bass to create something uniquely hers.

Listen here:


Photo by Tyler Vos

This one is for the house lovers out there! Dirtybird artist Nala has an energetic sound filled with deep house and techno-infused style. Without a doubt, this set will have an intoxicating rhythm you won’t want to miss.

Listen here:


Photo by Sarah Northrop

Someone we can’t get enough of lately is NotLö. Her bass-driven sound and distorted grooves make for a lively and unforgettable live set. Sonic Bloom is just one of the coveted festivals on this talented producer’s Summer radar.

Listen here:

Tierro Band w/ Bridget Law

Widen your music horizons by checking out Tierro Band With Bridget Law. Their energetic instrumentals and undeniable passion make their live performances powerful and funky. This set will be one of the hidden gems of the weekend!

Listen here:


Photo by Shutter Klick

If there’s one person on consistently brings the energy, it’s Veil. Her sound can be described as “spicy chaos” with a dark and unpredictable flow teamed up with elements of dubstep, DnB, halftime, and left field.

Listen here:


Xenolinguist makes music that sounds like it came straight from outer space. Her live set will deliver a smooth and experimental style accompanied by sounds like you’ve never heard before.

Listen here:

We’d also like to point out a few ladies that’ll be running stage visuals throughout the weekend, Laia and Mega.Pixel – make sure you check out their work and show them some much deserved love as well!

Each of these talented ladies deserves unlimited hype and support, and you can start that by catching their sets! This list just begins to scratch the surface of talent on Sonic Bloom’s 2022 lineup, so get to listening and planning! We’ll see you at Hummingbird Ranch very soon!

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