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It’s time to “GO” and get funky with ALLIESUN. Her new song, “GO,” released last Friday via HMG, is a perfect addition to your playlists – especially if you like fresh takes on house music. Known for her funky basslines, ALLIESUN absolutely delivers on that concept with this track.

The bass in the foreground of the song inspires us to dance, even while stuck here at a work desk. One can only imagine how it’ll hit on an actual dance floor. This groovy bass, combined with the tasty title drops (which are equally as satisfying each time they occur), really drives the action forward. 

We invited ALLIESUN to sit down and chat with us about “GO,” as well as her work at GRL GANG, and more. Read on to learn all about this LA-based producer.

Introducing… ALLIESUN

Ambur Masen, The Electric Hawk: Thank you so much for sitting down with us! Would you please take a moment to introduce yourself to our Electric Hawk readers? 

ALLIESUN: Hi! My name is Allie, and I go by ALLIESUN. I’m a producer, writer, DJ, artist, and lover of life and all things! I’m so excited to chat here – always been such a fan of Electric Hawk! Thanks so much for taking the time for this interview. 

AM: Of course! We’re so excited to have you. So your newest song, “GO,” is here at last! Similar to your previous singles, you’ve got a bit of a dark overall mood going on, but with these little determined whispers of light pushing through. In this one, that concept is amped up to a 10; I like it a lot! I was wondering – what is most appealing about working in a dichotomy like this? 

ALLIESUN: I kind of consider myself a dichotomy, and always want to create a space for people to have that within themselves. It’s good to be light and dark, to alchemize both life and yourself, always. For me, I allow myself to see and feel both sides of the spectrum.

You can be sexy, dark, and mysterious, while also having fun and spreading positivity! 

AM:  How does your creative process differ between producing your original tracks, like “GO,” and creating something like your Valentine’s mix, or a remix of someone else’s song? 

ALLIESUN: When I create my own tracks, I allow myself to write whatever I feel just comes naturally. I really try to find something empowering in that, captivating whatever emotion I feel at the time.

When I do remixes, DJ, or create mixes, I try to capture more of a fun and exciting energy. I find that it helps balance it out and create a happy medium! 

AM: What can you tell us about GRL GANG? 

ALLIESUN: GRL GANG is absolutely amazing!

It was founded by JEANIE to create a safe space for femme-identifying and non-binary artists in the music industry, which is so great and empowering for so many people.

It’s a way for artists in these spaces to really provide support for each other and uplift each other. 

AM: As an A&R for GRL GANG, what are your thoughts on talent scouting in the current state of the music industry? Is there a specific ‘something special’ that you look for, or is it more of a gut feeling when you hear ‘the right song?’ Does social media play a role in your process? 

ALLIESUN: I think the music industry is in such a great state right now–the ability to make and share music is always sitting right at our fingertips, which is so special and exciting.

I don’t think there’s anything special to look for! Great music is special enough for me to be captivated by it. I just want to empower other artists and support them.

I don’t think social media plays a role in the process, more so just the emotion or energy any track can bring to a listener. 

ALLIESUN photo by Jonathan Mitchell, new single "GO" out now.
ALLIESUN photo by Jonathan Mitchell, new single "GO" out now.

ALLIESUN photos (c) Jonathan Mitchell.

AM: Who are some of your favorite, funkiest girls that are making music right now? 

ALLIESUN: Some of my favorite artists in the industry are: JEANIE, VILLA, AK RENNY, Austeria, Blossom, Nostalgix, Zingara, Sara Benyo, Osysis, CHYL, Kaleena Zanders, AIMMIA, St. Mary, Tsu Nami, HVDES, Artemis Orion, and so many more!

I swear I could go on forever with a list, there are so many amazing producers out there right now. 

AM: And, something fun to sign off with– tell us, ALLIESUN: what are your favorite things to do out in the sun? Do you have any cool summertime traditions? 

ALLIESUN: Honestly, I try to spend every summer or beautiful day just being around people that I love. I don’t mind what the activity is, just as long as it is done with humans that I love and cherish.

Want more ALLIESUN? “GO” and get it; stream one of her mixes on SoundCloud today. 

Whether it’s her Valentine’s Day mix, or one she put together for GRL GANG Radio, you seriously can’t go wrong with ALLIESUN

Check out the playlist she put together so listeners can find all her mixes in one place:

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