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The newest rising producer within the bass-house scene, ALLIESUN, released her latest single “Level Up” this Thursday, October 28. ALLIESUN opens the gates into what she has been building for the past year. Ready to take the next steps, she gives us a new definition of what “leveling up” means.

Join the dark side of the sun with “Level Up”

There is always a dark side to the sun that we never get to witness, but ALLIESUN shares that with us. She welcomes us past the rays of light and into the deep shadows of what bass house has to offer. “Level Up” crafts a delectable sense of groove and a heavy bassline that temps our hips to sway along. ALLIESUN elevates the temperatures in the room with her latest track and leaves us in this hypnotic trance, craving more. ALLIESUN makes the darkness appear so seductive with “Level Up.”

Now, if you haven’t felt like a badass before, you will feel the transformation within yourself instantly once “Level Up” comes on. “Level Up” unleashes the bottled-up inner baddie and allows you to grab ahold of that energy and release it for a night out. After all, doesn’t the world deserve to see what we are fully capable of once we liberate what is inside? And the rising star gives us the confidence to showcase to the world what “leveling up” means.

ALLIESUN soaring through all expectations

While the upcoming producer continues to grow her discography, ALLIESUN has been building up her brand. Earlier this fall, ALLIESUN joined the talent management, Divinity Music Group, which features a ton of rising talents alongside her. As well, she has been heavily involved with the GRL GANG community and released a mix with them this year. Indeed, ALLIESUN has been garnering attention from multiple outlets. “Level Up” is just the introduction of ALLIESUN’s journey and what to expect in the future from this ray of sunshine.

Gain your power up – “Level Up” along with us and ALLIESUN below!

Featured Image taken by: Liz Hagearty, @lizhagearty

Level Up with ALLIESUN
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