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Are you afraid of the dark? We hope not– because today, we’re introducing you to Cntrlla, a bass artist whose sound knows no bounds, and his new EP, Tragedy Eternal, which is all sorts of dark, slimy deliciousness. This three-track EP encourages us to embrace our chaos and find the beauty in it while we’re there.

Let’s get to listening.

Check out Cntrlla’s Tragedy Eternal on Spotify below.

Tragedy Eternal is a great EP for the days when you need music to help you through some tough shit… because this one honestly gets it.

These aren’t your average, emotionally-hollow bangers. These songs will bring some discomfort to the surface or validate the oppressive feelings you’ve already been sitting with for a while.

For example, “GET OUT OF MY SKIN” perfectly captures the feeling behind the metaphor of something crawling under your skin. You know, the feeling when you’re so uncomfortable that you don’t even feel right in your own body anymore when it gets to a point where it’s almost as if you’d be willing to rip your skin open to help it, whatever it is, escape?

That one.

“GET OUT OF MY SKIN” will help you work through that feeling. It’s simply cathartic that way.

The whole EP is like that.

It’s something that will help you work through those situations and mindsets that got you down– we highly recommend it from start to finish.

Meet Cntrlla:

Press photo of Cntrlla for Tragedy Eternal release
Press photo of Cntrlla

“Leading the revival of slimepunk, Cntrlla creates distorted tones interweaved with unsettling bass that will send a trickle down any listener’s spine. His concoctions tread the dark and unknown that no one dares to reach.

Emerging from Appleton, Wisconsin, Cntrlla strives to defy boundaries and has quickly become a vanguard in the bass music scene. His obsession with futuristic, cyberpunk, and dystopian futures channels through all aspects of his artistry. Cntrlla’s music never fails to fabricate a deep, mystical ambiance that keeps listeners immersed and engaged.”

sourced from the artist’s bio.

On Tragedy Eternal, Cntrlla says:

Tragedy Eternal is my expression of the dark sludge beats [that I’ve wanted] to make forever. This EP is a homage to the slimepunk era I grew up in and how it pushed me toward making music. I want to continue pushing this sound and create a community representing a new take on this era. ‘Get Out of My Skin’ is this exact style and format I was hesitant to do before since it’s a bit less traditional. As I have grown in the scene, I have become less attached to formatting my music a certain way and have had much more fun making tracks like ‘Get Out My Skin.’ The last track, ‘1312,’ was created while Chase (Chark) and I were on the slime to sludge tour and perfectly blends our two sounds and expresses our overall displeasure for authority.”

– Cntrlla

On Twitter, the artist adds,

“As some of you may know, Chark is taking a retirement of bass music, and our track on here, being one of his last, really feels special. He’s a dear friend, and I’ve learned so much from him, both musically and otherwise.”

Isn’t that a lovely sentiment?

Can’t get enough Cntrlla?

Check out his last EP, Vacillation, here.

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