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We are now entering the newest era of the emerging tech-house producer, ALLIESUN as she presents her newest single, “OK,” released on April 27th. This time, falling into a deep shade of red, we embark on this dark, spiritual adventure down a crimson wormhole. ALLIESUN reminds us of our confidence through her bouncy and mystic track “OK” that will continuously linger on your mind over and over again.

OK Cover Art
Model in Cover Art: @disko.kitty

I wrote this song with the intention of creating a dark but fun and bouncy track. I’ve been feeling really inspired by my close friends to live in a fun state of mind and this song totally reflects that energy.


Welcome to the Red Era with ALLIESUN and “OK”

Immediately, ALLIESUN submerges us into the depths of the ruby lights. While the fog from underneath rises, our eyes notice the strobes bouncing along to the kicks of the melody. And through the smoke, the silhouettes of bodies are melodically in sync with the bassline. “OK” flirtatiously plays with the hypnotic nature of tech-house. Naturally, ALLIESUN creating this spellbinding undertone that bewitches us into a trance. Through the mysterious and darkness comes a glimmering passion that shines red in “OK.”

Nevertheless, ALLIESUN embodies the sense of confidence to her audience. “OK” electrifies the playful energy that lingers in our bodies. ALLIESUN welcomes this new era of ourselves being fully unleashed on the dance floor. And, just for brief moment, we are allowed to be our real self. In the end, “OK” becomes that track you blast while you put your most badass outfit or to raise the temperature in any room. ALLIESUN simply reminds us of our bad b*tch energy no matter the scenario. And as our heartbeat elevates with the booming bass in the background, so does our confidence.

If you’re “OK” with feeling all red, capture more of that energy below!

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