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The duo KARBON and ALLIESUN introduce their collaboration “Money” released through Diverge Records on Friday, March 18th. The anticipated track garnered the attention from Dr. Fresch’s latest Caller ID series earlier this year is finally premiering. Now stepping deep into the bass-house genre from the duo, they bring a fresh exhilarating track that will bring out the inner badass.

Left: Karbon | Right: Alliesun

The track came about with KARBON just because we are friends and support each others music! It came super naturally, we both worked on it and it came out so great. I truly think it’s an amazing representation of both of us in a song. We both have a dark sound design and similar writing and production styles.


KARBON and ALLIESUN not afraid to make that “Money”

“Money” sets us into this ominous undertone in the introduction slowly accelerates our heart rates through the kicks. While subsequently arising and gaining the motivation to psych ourselves to go earn that green. Until for a brief moment, we are able to settle in the stillness anticipating and prepping until we hear the words “money got me like.” Then we are led into a heavy bassline that magnetizes us. Only elevating the body temperature and capturing us in its arcane elements. KARBON and ALLIESUN intoxicating us with this drive to achieve a higher goal in our minds. “Money” captures this elegant blend from the duo’s styles and brings this desire to only hear more grooves and darkness within this bass-house track.

She actually sent me lots of ideas she had of her new tracks that I thought were really good. So l said we should collaborate. She sent the initial idea on Instagram, and I really liked it as well as thought it would be a great fit with my sound so we ended up wrapping up “Money.”


Naturally, “Money” is that dark track where you will want to put on the speakers with the crew that isn’t ready for the party to just end. Ready to head to the afters and continue the momentum of the night flowing until dawn. KARBON and ALLIESUN have crafted this dark, energetic track that doesn’t decelerate throughout the whole three minutes. If you are searching for that track livens any situation you are in and wanting to harvest that “bad b*tch” aura, “Money” for sure will awaken that spirit. In short, thank KARBON and ALLIESUN for that confidence boost when you are heading to the festivities.


Time to grab all that “Money” with KARBON and ALLIESUN below!

Grab that Money with KARBON
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Grab that Money with ALLIESUN
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