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Over the weekend, Marz released the final track to her debut EP, Beautiful Pain. Each song showcases the various emotions and hard work she poured into the making of this project. So fresh out of a break-up, she demonstrates the beauty that you can find in pain. This is perfect for turning on when you need a good cry in the shower.

I hope you guys feel the journey of my ups and downs in life through this EP. Much love.”


Marz, also known as Amaris, is a DJ and producer based out of Oklahoma City. She gets her name from her best friends and family, who have nicknamed her Mar. A certified hype woman, Marz has opened shows for big names like Sullivan King, D3V, and also Vampa. Her sound and the messages she adds to her music are inspired by one of her favorite artists, INZO.

The year of PROSPERING

This project is full of creative sounds and sweet, fulfilling whispers. But, we have to admit that we have a favorite song that stands out from the rest. ‘Prosper’ was the cherry on top of this EP sundae. Beginning with philosopher vocals, it hooks you in from the start like a good book on a Sunday afternoon. The melodies that follow make your eyelashes flutter and lips curve into a soft smile. This song is an anthem for all the sad bois who have ever needed an extra push to do something that the universe is telling them to do.

Listen to Marz ‘Beautiful Pain’ EP below!

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