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There is something powerful about a trio of producers coming together to unleash a sinister track. DYCE, BVRRN, and ALLIESUN released their new track “Manifest” as an Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere before the public hears it on June 17th through Diverge Records. The trio introduces the audience to the fiery underworld to manifest for an unforgettable night together.


“Manifest”-ing never fails with this trio in summoning something wicked!

Immediately, the trio breaks open the doors into the underworld. Although the temperature of the dancefloor is only starting to rise, don’t be afraid to join in the festivities. “Manifest” unlocks the wicked being that lingers under your spirit and blazes into the overworld. Through the hypnotic and thumping bassline, your head swizzles and falls under the trio’s spell. Naturally, you feel the electricity build around you as the vibrations creep through your body.

The party is just starting once you hear the drop hit the speakers. Now, fully transcending through the sonic booms and kicks of “Manifest,” you fully transform into your most wicked self. While the ground continuously trembles through the bass, the cracks of the underworld release the nightly ghouls to dance along. The trio mystified the dancefloor in front of them, showcasing the beauty that comes at night in the club. Hopefully, this is a night you were manifesting all along.

Manifest Artwork

Nevertheless, “Manifest” becomes the fierce track unraveling the inner darkness out onto the dancefloor. While showcasing the wonders that come from surrendering to the mysteries of the universe, the kinetic energy flows around naturally. The trio welcomes you with open arms, inviting you to “Manifest” with them. As you prep for your night out, awaiting the Uber ride to the club, all it takes is a little manifestation to bring the night alive! In the end, it never hurts to “Manifest” with this trio as you add this track to your fierce playlist.

Don’t be afraid to “Manifest” with DYCE, BVRRN, and ALLIESUN below!

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