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Langwidj recently joined Rust Records with a new EP, Escape Plan, released on April 18. A mix of glitch-hop and bass, this EP has been called “a combination of happy accidents, artifacts, and sculpted synthesis.” The Florida native is experimenting with different noises, vibrations, and beats, taking this EP to a new level – or should we say galaxy? So hop in, buckle up, and let’s figure out Langwidj’s escape plan in this beautifully crafted adventure.

Langwidj captured by Mark Walsh
Langwidj, taken by Mark Walsh

Let’s escape into the sound.

“Gravity Lift” is glitchy yet perfectly crafted. It’s almost as if Langwidj has created a new “unknown” in this track, pulling us in. The beats are soft but heavy – at the same time, working in tandem with the steady beat in the background. As the track picks up, so do the energy and curiosity. Lucky for us, the EP and adventure are just getting started.

scru·pu·lous – adjective

(of a person or process) diligent, thorough, and extremely attentive to details.

Scrupulous” is fast, heavy, and dangerous – all in the best way. Langwidj has created an adventurous malfunction rooted in this song. This one starts strong! Are those bells in the background? Is it an alarm? If there’s one thing, we know for sure… it’s that we don’t know what’s coming next. The chorus has bubbly elements along with energetic sound effects. It’s the perfect mix of fast, strong, and heavy. We can tell Langwidj was diligent and paid attention to those details.

bel·li·cose – adjective

demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight.

Bellicose” draws us in… tip, tap… queue the track. The elements here are savage, showing that aggression is rooted in the track name. There are two very distinct sounds in this. Are they displaying their willingness to fight? They might be, but they work together to create a mystical track filled with different elements and rhythms.

Langwidj created a perfectly crafted soundscape for us. This unique EP shows us Langwidj can push boundaries, step out of norms, and transcend tracks to a new level. With the release of Escape Plan, we can’t wait to see what Langwidj does next and what upcoming adventure is on the horizon.

Listen to Escape Plan by Langwidj now!

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