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Here to bring us to the celestial lands, Tsu Nami presents her latest single, “Angel,” featuring the divine Dani King released this Thursday, February 3rd, via bitbird. Tsu Nami further explores and expands her horizons in the most heavenly way. So just release your wings and reach the endless skies that Tsu Nami is ready to show with “Angel.”

Left: Tsu Nami, Photo Credit- @dnz_media | Right: Dani King, Photo Credit – @iamm4ximus

Angel was an experiment for me, a way to push myself to create something heavier but still very much Tsu Nami. I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Tsu Nami

Float along to Tsu Nami and Dani King’s celestial new track!

Unlocking the mystical realm that Tsu Nami creates through the introduction. As we fall into the luscious and heavenly soundscapes that Tsu Nami brings us until we are hit with the sparkling vocals. The legendary Dani King enchants the track with her angelic, catchy vocals as she catches us under her spell. Now, under the control of Tsu Nami and Dani King, we feel ourselves soar along with the melodies in the sky. Until we begin to ascend rapidly as we hear the lyrics, “I may not be perfect, but I’m still your angel.” Gracefully, capturing us into this vibrant world that the duo created just for us.

Although “Angel” appears to be a different realm of a multitude of what Tsu Nami can create, it becomes an eternal track that lingers inside your head once it’s over. With Dani King elevating the track by bringing the punch throughout the song. “Angel” is a track you will sing out loud with no cares in the world. At the end of it, your true angel wings will appear so you can finally glide into the clouds with the other angels. No worries though, Tsu Nami and Dani King will be there to greet you!

Artwork created by: Tsu Nami & idrinksoju

The sky is limitless for what is next for Tsu Nami!

As this is just the start for releases from Tsu Nami, there is still much more to fully experience later on. With her EP coming at the end of February and other hidden IDs that we caught from her bitbird mix in January, she still has a few surprises for us. The incredible elegance that Tsu Nami continues to show the world still astonishes us. From her creative imagery and talent, she has led to being one of the most fun acts to watch in 2022. Tsu Nami is gaining one of her biggest opportunities to perform at Red Rocks opening for Jai Wolf and San Holo. It will be no surprise that we will continue to see her added to more festival lineups and big stages in the future. Nonetheless, we are excited to watch Tsu Nami continue to dazzle us and the world around her!

Hop into the heavens and fully enjoy “Angel” below!

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