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Our wish has finally come true as Blossom releases her first drum ‘n’ bass tune with her remix of Black Caviar’s “Hispanoamericano” featuring Eüri this Friday, March 4th. Blossom steps away from her Bass-House side and breaks barriers by taking her own spin in the drum ‘n’ bass realm. Earlier this year, Blossom teased her “Hispanoamericano” remix during her annual Full Bloom mix. Through her Twitch streams last year, adding doses within her live sets, it’s quickly become a desire to hear what a Blossom drum and bass track would sound like. And this is just simply only the beginning for Blossom; with her “Hispanoamericano” remix, she dives into new territories.

Blossom Hispanoamericano Remix
Photo Credit: Luis Colato

Blast off into the the new era of Blossom!

Now, we are directly escorted into the Pink Planet universe. Despite the bubblier and sassier version from Black Caviar, Blossom guides us through a darker route in her portrayal. Slowly taking us through the soundscapes and enchanting realms, the strong vocals from Eüri coax us through the intensity. And before you know it, the shockwaves of the rolling bass and pressure send chills down your spine. Later, we settle for a brief moment to catch your breath. However, there is no slowing down for us; we are thrown back into the booms and breaks now screaming along to the vocals as we slowly expel all our energy into the universe. Blossom’s spin on the Black Caviar tune amplifies the saucy elements and charming elements from the original and brings us a literal breathtaking track.

Naturally, Blossom has taken on the new genre with confidence and poise. It immediately shows throughout her remix that, without a second thought, you would believe Blossom has a lot of expertise in drum ‘n’ bass. As a result, this remix leads as a reminder of the courage and fire that lies within all of us. Although we may be scared to make that move, we might be missing something that could eventually be a game-changer for us. Blossom delivers the assurance that we are unstoppable and can achieve anything with her remix. And, if you are in your head and need an escape, this track will bring back your power.

Blossom Hispanoamericano RemixCover Art

There is no stopping her – Blossom is ready to reach astronomical levels!

Blossom continues surpassing all expectations in whichever genre she takes on. Now, Blossom breaks the barrier of limitations for where her sound can go. After coming off a massive tour with the Night Bass and Confession crew at the beginning of the year and just returning back from EDC Mexico, it doesn’t seem Blossom is slowing down soon. Hitting up Beyond Wonderland, Project Glow, Forecastle, and more to be announced in the future, her Pink Planet community continues to expand. Wherever she goes from here, she continues to be a thrilling artist to keep your eyes on. Nevertheless, this is just the beginning of the astronomical levels that Blossom can reach this year. If given the chance, Blossom is not an artist you want to miss seeing live!

Blossom Blossom Hispanoamericano Remix Live - EDC MEXICO
Blossom Live @ EDC Mexico | Photo Credit: Luis Colato

Don’t be afraid to get a little saucy with Blossom and her remix of “Hispanoamericano” below!

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