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Melodic dubstep pioneer, MitiS released a new EP, Memories, on February 3, 2023. It’s no secret that MitiS has evolved and grown as a producer, but he’s turning back the clock and taking us back to what he says was the “golden days of melodic dubstep” – in 2011. He remembers and honors the time his music first resonated with listeners, and this EP is a way of thanking them for their love and support.

Throughout MitiS’ career, he’s played at music festivals like North Coast and Sunset. Additionally, he’s opened for Big Gigantic at Rowdytown alongside Jansten, Covex, and MZG. MitiS shook up the melodic dubstep scene and sold out venues after his first EP, Born, was released in 2011. After the immense success of his first EP, MitiS launched his own record label, Born Records, in 2014.

“This is the sound that made me fall in love with electronic music, so I wanted to just dive back in and write what I want to write with full instrumentation. I definitely think it is what got the whole MitiS brand started and on its feet, and I love writing music like this.”


Now, let’s take a trip down Memories Lane!

Kicking off the EP is the title track “Memories,” which this track sure does bring rushing back. This track immediately hooks you in with what sounds like an alarm. It’s almost as though MitiS is calling us back to the days of his original music. After the warm, cheery elements, the drop leads the track into a faster melody. This truly brings nostalgic feelings through our speakers and into our hearts not only to the listener but MitiS himself.

“I have a lot of great memories from when I lived at my parents’ house and started writing the Born EP. That was a big inspiration for this EP and just getting lost writing music.”


The next track, “May,” is bubbly and cheery. Although there are no lyrics, the beat makes you want to sing along. The constant wavy element layered throughout the song takes us on a journey through the melodies: slow, fast, slower, faster, closing the track with a slow, cozy outro.

Following May is “Figure 8.” I believe MitiS is paying homage to the instruments that make a successful instrumental song, such as piano and drums. This is the first song we hear very subtle lyrical elements, complemented by the piano gliding us through the chorus and the rest of the song.

Last but definitely not least is “Endless.” This track is magical and euphoric all in one and my personal favorite. This is the slowest song on the EP, gracefully ending the adventure MitiS’ meticulously crafted for us through Memories. I imagine this song blasting through the speakers at a MitiS concert with attendees’ flashlights shining and lighting up the crowd.

MitiS photo taken during sunset
MitiS, captured by Brandon Densley

MitiS himself had something to say to us about staying true to your roots

“The longer you write, the more you adapt and evolve as an artist. Sometimes that comes at a cost, such as losing certain elements that made you as a producer. I think it’s really important to maintain yourself as an artist and remember where you came from.”

This timeless EP is sure to be a staple in melodic dubstep for years to come. MitiS has paved the way for many producers that are making waves in the scene today. Lucky for everyone, MitiS invites you to make new memories with him at his Upcoming U.S. spring tour.

MitiS will be hitting the road and taking the stage starting February 17 in Los Angeles, California. He’ll be traveling across the country to venues and festivals like Ubbi Dubbi. Ultimately, the tour will wrap up in May. Be sure to check and see if he’s coming to a venue near you!

What memories did this EP bring up for you? Listen to Memories below!

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