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IT’S WAVE TIME BABY. If you’re a wave thot like us, then ‘Motion’ by Finnish producer hyperforms is the perfect track to dive into. Featuring punching percussion that blends seamlessly with fluid melodies, ‘Motion’ will have you feeling like you’re drifting through a cyberpunk dream world. By combining indistinct vocals with a progressive soundscape, hyperforms has created a wave track for dance floors all around the world.

The track starts with a dreamy intro before quickly diving into a fast underlying beat that picks up the pace. The evocative vocals undeniably set the tone and elevate the track. The futuristic melody rounds out what we call a great wave track.

We’ve said it many times and we’ll say it again, wave is the next big thing in electronic music, and this track is a perfect introduction to the ever-expanding genre.

Listen to Motion:

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