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With mind-scrambling sound and undeniable sauce, Yheti brought to the stage a collection of music that expands on his previous works, and also expands our minds. The Knew Sound Tour shines a light on a talented group of artists including Honeybee, Toadface, and Ternion Sound. Everyone works together to provide a night of experimental mastery; you surely do not want to miss the Knew Sound Tour!

In 10 years I’ve written and released over 150 tracks, on this tour I’m taking all my favorite audio I’ve created and mashing it into a 1 hour super set along with time coded visuals… I’ve been working so hard and have sooo much new music to share with you all!


What to expect at the Knew Sound Tour

I was lucky to attend their sold-out show at The Wild Buffalo in Bellingham WA, the fourth stop on tour. After months of suspense, my expectations were not just surpassed, but completely blown out of the water. Worth the wait, this tour is a spectacle of sound production. The quality and energy of this tour certainly indicate Yheti’s dedication and thoughtful contemplation of his previous work.

Knew Sound Tour
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The tour also features newer pieces that have us emphatically awaiting the release of his new album. One unreleased track we are anticipating is the acid mix of “A Little Bit Goes a Long Way.” In addition to playing the original, Yheti instantly sent us through a sonic portal when he transitioned into the new mix. The sound of the audience’s reaction was enough to shake the building to its foundation.

The Bellingham venue brought massive Hennessey subs specifically for this show. Sourced from Tiaga Sound & Lighting based in Bellingham, the monstrous sub made your soul shake. Situated at the corner of the stage, the formidable structure blasted us with waves and waves of bass. With intricate sounds typical of Yheti and the supporting artists, a high-quality sound system is necessary to do the music justice.

The last half hour of the show was dedicated to a Knew Sound B2B. In a true demonstration of sonic skill and diversity, all of the artists came together showcasing music beyond their own sets. Honeybee brought the drum and bass, meanwhile Ternion Sound brought the knee-wobbling bass. Toadface threw some wonky and glitchy tunes while Yheti brought the steez. To finish off the night strong, Yheti’s last song was a truly special song we all knew well, “Happy Birthday.”

Knew Sound Tour

How Merch Can Influence Sound

In an Instagram post from January 13th, Yheti posted an official merch drop. Funds from this will go towards affording “big sound for the tour stops that need it.” The Knew Sound Tour merch features artworks created by Yheti that reflect his decade-long journey as an artist. Among the psychedelic figures from the album covers of Noetic Sunrise, The Party Has Changed, Omnifuture, Blast On, and EP Deformed, Yheti has added a new addition. His signature smiley face sits atop squiggly little figures as they boogie to Knew Sound. Just like those flexuous figures, you too will dance the night away to the irresistible production that is Yheti’s Knew Sound Tour.

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