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bd hbt and msft. teamed up to start a fire with their latest collaboration, “test.” This undeniable trap banger has been recognized by none other than modern trap legend himself, UZ. Indeed, “test” is part of QGRC-005, the latest compilation album from Quality Goods Records, dropping in its entirety on January 22.

“test” is an incredible display of the talents of both msft. and bd hbt. msft. (pictured below, right) contributes his affinity for percussive runs and complex composition. Meanwhile, bd hbt (pictured below, left) brings his talents for pairing unlikely sounds and powerful yet subtle song building. The creation of “test” allows them to shine together on this heater. “test” absolutely deserves its place on QGRC-005.

bd hbt and msft. start a fire together on “test”

“test” opens up with gentle synths and a quiet piano melody; it’s almost mystical, like walking toward glowing light at the end of a cave—this intro punctuated with a punchy vocal sample, hinting at the incoming fire. After a brief – but classically trap build-up, “test” drops into rapidly squelching bass. Mixed into this are nuanced rhythmic drum samples that are almost psychedelic.

bd hbt and msft. pull that staccato vocal sample back into the song and layer it with the relentless bass. They create a bouncy trap melody with modern experimental trends from the underground. The second drop brings the whole song together; bd hbt and msft combine their talents to give us elements from all sections of the song. Yet, they still include fresh splashes of sounds not yet heard in “test.” They even give a few moments of near silence containing only the bass line skeleton.

bd hbt and msft. combine elements typical of electronic trap with bass music characteristics to create “test.” This track highlights both of their talents in an impeccable collaboration. “test” is an addicting trap beat, and has more than earned its place with Quality Goods Records.

Listen to “test” and get excited for QRGC-005, dropping on January 22!

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