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The talented French musician, TOUTANT, wows with another big single, “Erosion.” Alongside his passion for dark electro and techno sound, TOUTANT combines his cinematic spark to produce his newest anticipated track.

From beginning to end, listeners are engulfed and immersed in the textural beauty that is “Erosion.”

“Erosion” begins with a soft piano, paired with a soft and grainy ambiance like a needle on a vinyl record. Quickly the mood shifts and intense moody bass takes over; TOUTANT’s industrial roots are showing. He energizes the dark mood with uplifting synths, to then curate this motivational and vigorous track.

You can listen to “Erosion” here:

So, who is TOUTANT?

You may recognize his sound from tracks like “Within” and “Rebirth” featured with the recent Cyperpunk 2077 campaigns. Much of his music reached the world’s ears through advertisement marketing. With attention-grabbing industrial sound and vivid execution, his music has been highlighted in work by brands like Redbull and even used in Amazon and Netflix series trailers.

Learning at a young age, TOUTANT began with piano, then moved into synthesizers and computer software. After nine years of experimenting, he sprung strongly into production in 2018 with his first release as TOUTANT, “Distor.”

Not even two years later, TOUTANT decided to run with that name to launch Distor Records, his music label based in France. Distor releases with other inspiring producers such as Noizinski, HIPPØ & THE JACKET, and Zahia.

Keep up with TOUTANT:
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