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One of the most legendary, trailblazing trap record labels of all time—Quality Goods Records—has big news. Quality Good Records has just announced a digital festival, called Quality Goods Exports.

It’ll be held from May 7-9 and May 14-16, so you definitely have a chance to catch one of these sets. While there are only 3 sets per night during this time, we understand QGR has always boasted quality over quantity.

Check out the Quality Goods Records Digital Festival lineup below:

If you’re into that old-school trap shit, this lineup will be right up your alley. While this festival is 6-days long for a lineup considered to be on the smaller side, the acts on the schedule are truly sickening. You have icons in the trap scene like UZ, Holly, and Bishu performing. The fest is also highlighting more underrated—but equally as talented—artists like Ian Munro and Dabow.

If you’re ready for twerk time, don’t hesitate to check out this festival on Facebook and Twitch so you can check out some of the top trap heavyweights in the game right now.

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