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As some of you may already know, vinyl records have made quite the comeback in our current generation. More specifically, in the past year. Boasting remarkable rates, 2020 marked the first year since 1986 that vinyl proved to be more profitable than CDs. While we aren’t sure whether it’s nostalgia, the simple pleasure of physically placing the stylus on the vinyl, or simply wanting to support artists during a hard time, it’s become another form of revenue for struggling musicians, and a collectors item for fans.

In Bandcamp alone, the company noted that, “…last year, fans bought 2 million LPs through the site, double the prior year. And for the artists and labels who sell vinyl, it now makes up 50% of their overall revenue.” The biggest problem? For independent artists, pressing vinyl can get steep in expenses.

Due to the surge in popularity and lack of accessibility, Bandcamp has launched their newest service this January: vinyl pressing.

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has paid attention to Bandcamp recently, following only their last actions to support the music industry; including a live PPV streaming service, along with the continuation of their Bandcamp Friday initiative in 2021, waiving their revenue and giving artists the full share.

After trial and error, they’ve now successfully rolled out their vinyl pressing service to 10,000 independent musicians. Creating a seamless process, they aim to eliminate shipping hassle and out-of-pocket risks while delivering convenient, high quality product in return. To learn more about signing up to press vinyl as an artist as they continue to expand the service, or even to recommend a release you’d like to see as a fan, follow the link here to see the details, and let us see your record collections!

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