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Underground artist bd hbt is bringing you a nasty remix of Bandzzz by EAZYBAKED. You’ll have to wipe the grime off your face after this one. If the original “Bandzzz” was the fun and wonky lil brother, this new remix is the pit diving, mosh-loving older brother. !Hydration check


LA-based producer, bd hbt, takes the already wonky track of EAZYBAKED, and flips it sideways.

“Bandzzz” bd hbt remix retains its original hypnotic loops and is tweaked just a bit to compliment the incoming basslines. Subtle hits of a drum build-up to an outright disrespectful drop. Driving synths right off the bat, you are NOT ready. It’s cool, we weren’t ready either.

With a more ominous build-up and a gritty, raw drop into dubstep oblivion, bd hbt brings out the big brain chops.

The young producer sure has been making a name for himself in the bass music scene. From recently dropped heaters such as Sunk with Snuffy, and Break with GRND CNYN. To going b2b with yojas. on our first Harmony Festival and helping to close out Harmony Festival in the finale. bd hbt is one to watch for sure!

Listen to bd hbt’s new remix here:

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