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Acrillics‘ latest single, “Horizons,” is a joint collaboration with We Rose. A match made in trap heaven, this the type of shit that makes the hood go crazy.

Acrillics is a powerhouse duo consistently pushing the boundaries in the underground scene. Beloved Electric Hawk Artists; Rob and Andro met at the University of Otago in New Zealand back in 2016, and the rest is history. Using their distinctive sounds, the pair blends their multi-cultural influences to set themselves apart from the pack. Yet, somehow, they remain true to that OG trap sound that we all fell in love with.

We Rose is a genre-fluid duo from LA that excels in trap-house. They share a lot of similar influences to Rob and Andro, like RL Grime and Mr. Carmack. So, seeing these guys together on a track is like the royal ball for trap kings and queens everywhere.

“Horizons” was first introduced to the world via Acrillics’ guest mix on Electric Hawk Radio. It starts with an ambiguous intro with muffled sounds. The kick drums leading up to the drop are a textbook trap. When the drop hits, the sub literally vibrates your soul into a higher level of consciousness. Japanese strings are sampled, chopped, and layered over a bolstering bass. A brief intermission is crucial for giving the body rest after so much heat. However, before you get too comfy, the guys bring you back with a future-bass/trap hybrid that’ll make you hit repeat.

Stream “Horizons” by Acrillics and We Rose below, and support your favorite creatives:

And, if you like what you hear, you’re in luck! Acrillics will be one of many amazing performers at this weekend’s Harmony Virtual Music Festival—presented by Electric Hawk. They go on today at 4:15 PM CST, and trust me, you don’t want to miss this set.

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