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JVCKFROST can’t miss! His new single, “Mana,” is a future-bass beauty and his latest reminder that even when the world’s on fire, he keeps it cool.

Khal Sievert, more commonly known as JVCKFROST, is a blooming producer and valued member of the Electric Hawk artist family. At just 20 years old, Khal has made waves in the underground scene, and it’s only the beginning. Drawing influence from names like RL Grime, Flume, and Odesza; his sound is a hybrid of trap, house, and future-bass. The Holy Trinity of EDM.

JVCKFROST released his debut EP around three months ago titled ‘Trilogy,’ and you should definitely check it out. The first track on the EP, “Snowpiercer,” has been in my regular rotation since its existence. It’s a good example of Khal’s influences at work. As well as his ability to branch out into other genres with ease.

Starting with piano chords and filtered vocal samples, “Mana” takes us on a journey. When the drums hit, Khal’s trap influences are exposed, building up to a contagious drop. The interlude chills the crowd before bringing you back home, at mercy to Khal’s chilling talent.

Stream “Mana” below, and support your favorite creatives:

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