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Maroc gets deep on his newest track, “VAL.” Released via Mean Mug Music, it’s a dirty dubstep tune with trap elements, wet basslines, and a deeper meaning.

Born Jamie Flynn, Maroc is a DJ/producer from New York that specializes in bass music. Making his Soundcloud debut just 9 months ago, Jamie has proven he’s here to stay- releasing several singles, and a debut EP since then. To sum it up, Flynn’s got his timbs on our collective throats, and there’s no sign of him letting up anytime soon.

“VAL” is a classic 140 bpm dubstep thumper. Spitfire hip-hop vocals flow over trap drums and hi-hats. Clear experimental elements come into play at the drop with a wet growl that’s constantly shifting and morphing. It’s a headbanger’s dream, but there’s more to this track according to Jamie.

This track is more than just a song. It describes the emotions that I’ve been going through during this whole pandemic. I dug as deep as possible with this one, and I want people to know that life is the most precious thing we can lose.

Jamie Flynn (Maroc)

Riding a wave of highs since releasing his debut EP, Jamie was grounded with the loss of a dear friend. It showed him how valuable, and fragile, time can be; even incorporating this realization in the cover art. “VAL” is meant to illustrate the emotional rollercoaster Flynn has been on. Constantly shifting, and never still.

Stream “VAL” by Maroc below, and support your favorite creatives:

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