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May my trap queens and kings rejoice; we got a Lil something for you. NOT U combines every element from rap to wonk to bass with his latest single “Awake” out now via Inextremis.

NOT U is a new solo project from Barcelona-based producer formally known as Raider. A brand that he looks to build from self-exploration and experimentation to make a unique sound all his own. Taking an aggressive yet melodic approach to producing that blends together like peanut butter and jelly.

Don’t Sleep On “Awake”

From the moment you press play, an eerie beat pulls you in. The vocals step in, and honestly, I’m not sure what she’s saying, but I’m digging the flow, so go ahead, sis. Then the trap-esque beat drops, and now I’m really screaming GO AHEAD, SIS.

Alright, alright, so this build… we got bass, chops, and synths in the back going crazy. Just when you’re getting comfortable and catching a groove, NOT U throws us into a drop that is chaotic in all the best ways. The dreamy interlude almost makes you forget what that first drop just did to you. The track finishes on a light night with an almost ethereal and futuristic final drop.

“Awake” takes us through up’s and down’s never letting us settle in with any one sound. If this powerful and unpredictable track is any hint of where NOT U’s new sound is going, we are undoubtedly eager to listen.

The music video for “Awake” will also drop tonight to accompany the single, but until give it a listen below.

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