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It’s that time of year again! Leaves are falling, scary creatures are calling and RL Grime has dropped his much anticipated annual Halloween mix!

With a stable balance between hip-hop, rap and electronic tracks, RL Grime’s Halloween mix always excites the entire electronic music scene and more. Every year the spooky themed mix returns, the aesthetic of the project never stops growing. It is undeniable RL Grime, aka Henry Steinway, knows exactly how to put that eerie feeling into every second of the mix. Artist RL Grime adds many creepy sounds in the mix including screams, gasps and all kinds of frightening audio from currently popular horror and thriller films. Aside from the spooky features within the mix, the promotion for the project is always extraordinary as well. Even the teaser for Halloween 8 so heavily followed the theme, with a very thrilling brief video made to match the theme of The Lighthouse, a thriller that just recently premiered.

With Steinway’s label, Sable Valley, just recently launching in the last year as well, it’s easy to assume the mix will include a decent amount of future releases from the label. Not only is it possible we will hear possible future song releases from Sable Valley but with a still building roster, it is likely to hear tracks from artists whom will later be announced on Sable Valley.

RL Grime
Captured by andrewkeyser

We all have our favorite seasonal activities we enjoy, but I think we can agree it doesn’t feel like Halloween until RL Grime’s annual mix drops. With so many possibilities in store for this years, the anticipation being at an ultimate high all month , and we cannot wait to see and hear all the spooky things RL has done for us. Follow your spooky instincts and check out the much anticipated Halloween mix today!

RL Grime

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