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Open your eyes and ears to the new underground sounds of rising bass artist, EYE. Michigan music producer, Brandon Owiesny, is sure to make marks with his second EP This is EYE Part 2 this week.

Brandon’s music through EYE is his interpretation of the world around us. With innovative dance breaks and range in sound design, EYE is beginning to create a reality of his own. Experimenting a lot in the mid-tempo range, listeners can hear inspiration from artists such as Rezz, 1788-L, and Bassnectar. But fans are taken on an entirely different journey.

EYE uses this creative energy to generate music, not re-create it

“What Eye really wanted was to be myself, make music Eye like and do it my way, not how everyone else is trying to do … There are so many ideas and so many things Eye have planned for the future it’s incredible! … It makes me happy people enjoy my music and Eye can continue to make it and be myself throughout the entire process.


Last year, EYE released his first EP through Spuntime Creations and a handfull of heavy tracks – including his flip of “Illusion” by Bassnectar x Peekaboo. To kick off this new chapter, This is EYE Part 2 gives us even more to love.


The beginning of the EP starts with a progressive rising pitch and a buildup that makes it feel like you’re spinning. The tension is building. More and more, it feels like your brain is about to be squeezed until it pops, then suddenly – boom. Aggressive freeform sounds with dubstep influence and clever breath samples fill the room; except the room isn’t your room. We’re on a different planet now.

“Circuits” will take you on a ride.

This track definitely proves Brandon’s creative beat making ability. The deep bass paired with a strong drum alongside sick beat patterns is bound to leave you gassed by the end.

“Deadly Virus” is one for the midtemp(hoes)

Calling The Cult Of Rezz: “Deadly Virus” is one for all the midtemp(hoes). This heavy dance track definitely radiates spooky energy, seasoned with a high-energy breakbeat in the second drop…for the culture.

Reaching the end with “Discovery”

Lastly, we have “Discovery.” In a much lighter atmosphere, we’re introduced to the final track with a soft but mysterious buildup. In come the cymbals of the drum, building in harmony with the dream-like sounds. Suddenly, it’s dark. Everything drops. We’re met with the grimy, digital bass right to the face at the perfect speed to dance out of your pants.

Listen to EYE – This Is EYE Part 2 out Feb. 24th here:

Catch EYE next getting down with Space Jesus on May 22 in Pontiac, MI.

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