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Spicy Boi, Vermyllion gives “Bandzzz” a juicy flip that’s hot like sauce. Brace yourself for an experimental playground with no adult supervision.

The Chicago-based, dubstep daddy Vermyllion is back with a brand new remix of arguably one of the hottest experimental tracks to ever grace our presence.

“Bandzzz” by Eazybaked is a mid-tempo slug-fest between your brain and deez wubz. Releasing on the ‘ConvoyWakaan compilation album in 2018, it’s still relevant to this day. I mean the song potentially created bass-hands, but you didn’t hear that from me- that’s just the word on the streets.

When it comes to music, just because you have an incredible template, that doesn’t guarantee your remix will follow suit.

However, Gabe Cozzens, aka Vermyllion, hit the bullseye with this one. He’s been on a roll lately. “Yonkers Flip” has gathered over 20k plays; as it should, because it’s disgusting. And his latest single “Coalesce” with SPADES was so damn good, I had to write about it. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

This remix begins similar to the original, but Gabe uses a little more kick to build the suspense. The drop on this remix utilizes a lot of different experimental samples, compared to its predecessor. Like I mentioned before, this is a playground of sounds. Cozzens leaps from sample to sample, all while keeping the same bounce and wonky bass of the original. In addition, when it comes to the original version, the second half came to a smooth landing after the first drop. This version, on the other hand, took advantage of the extra space. Filling it with more of that sweet wub juice you can’t even find at your local farmer’s market.

Stream the “Bandzzz” remix by Vermyllion below, and support your favorite creatives:

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