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As certified Lane 8 stans, we approve of this message. And by message, we obviously mean the new Ampathic remix of “Brightest Lights,” off Lane 8’s most recent album. We’ve been following the talented young producer since his debut Unweathered EP, but he’s definitely outdone himself with this one.

Ampathic "Brightest Lights"
Joseph Brown (Ampathic)

If you were ever wondering what it would sound like if a Lane 8 song had a baby with a midtempo track, this would be it. Highlighting POLIÇA‘s delicate vocals by leaving them raw and untouched, he transforms the original upbeat melody into multiple dimensions of heavy basslines and goosebump-worthy synths. Although the track may be titled “Brightest Lights,” the oxymoron is that we’re absolutely loving this darker spin he put on it.

Listen to Ampathic’s remix of “Brightest Lights” below! We can’t wait to see what’s next from him.

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