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Fresh out of the Electric Hawk Records vault, we’re bringing out an armed Brinks truck for this one. blurrd vzn is stacking paper and cashing checks on their latest single, “100s“. A chaotic low-end chune splattered with hints of mind-altering wonk. This one has us hungry and greedy for that paper, feeling like a young Jordan Belfort ready to inspire the troops.

The duo hailing from the west coast are riding their own wave.

San Diego natives, yeux & blurrd johny, collective known as blurrd vzn are brewing a blend of heavy 808s fused with glitchy low-end frequencies. Hip-Hop influences are very noticeable throughout the boys’ music whether that be through their pulsating drums, use of horns/sirens, or rap vocals sprinkled in various verses. It’s evident this method has paid dividends as the two have already earned a coveted position on the Spicy Bois roster with just over a year of producing under their belt. We can’t even begin to fathom what this dynamic duo has been cooking up for y’all during this quarantine. Thankfully the dudes have blessed us with “100s”, as a treat.

Static permeates through the air as the sinister track begins with echoes whispering in your ear.  As a vicious shriek lets out, grungy UK garage drums are immediately intensified, and the hip-hop vocals take center stage. As the rapper flaunts, the beat ferociously snaps and catapults us to a realm of pure insanity. Using synths to drill down on otherworldly sounds, they strick up gold with these low-end wubs. As the kids would say, blurrd vzn makes my speakers go brrrrr. Flexing their findings even further, the two casually scatter in Juicy J’s signature “TRIPPY” ad-lib providing a dosage that’ll send you into orbit. Where’s nightbot when you need her/him??? !MOM

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