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The breakout Wakaan artist (and Electric Hawk favorite), Sully, returns to rumble heads and emotions with new Brainstorm EP.

While weaving through a number of genres, this riveting 5-track installment will bring listeners through the motions. Incorporating his signature whirling synths and low ends with dark melodic elements, the LA-based artist shows mastery over his craft.

Each track will make your speakers go ‘brr’ while you’re melting into your couch. Infused with deep guttural elements, tracks like “Brain”, “Dunk”, and “Suction Cup” will have you throwin’ it down in the nastiest way possible. The dark vocals building up the hard-hitting bass is food for the ears and the soul.

While “Lane Switch” (feat. Dêtre), and “Stuntin” take a faster paced approach, both still deliver that infectious low end drop that he is known for. This EP laced with valor and is exactly what fans have been waiting for and will draw new listeners in.

Pioneering his name to the tops of people’s radar, Sully has had an immense showcasing of his music. From supporting Liquid Stranger’s Ascension EP tour to co-hosting an insane 4-hour stream with Peekaboo, Effin, and Fetish during the quarantine. Sully returns as a mainstay of bass music. Being one of its most promising new producers, we can be sure to expect more from him.


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